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General Questions

It’s normal to want to know the workflow and exact steps that will be taken by our engineers in order to create your project. We tried to anticipate some guestions that you may have so you can put your mind at easy and focus entirely on your project. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us and we will provide you with information as soon as possible!

When do I pay for the project?

After your initial consultation, the engineer will give you a quota for your project. After you accept the amount, 50% of the final price will be transfered. At the end of the project the remaining 50% is required in order to close it and send all the appropriate files and documentations.

What are the files that will be transfered?

It depends on your needs. In the initial consultation, the engineer will tell you all the file types possible to work with (.OBJ, .Blend, .FBX, etc). If you need a specific format, be sure to mention that during the consultation in order to avoid final conversion steps that may take more time.

How much time does it take to finish?

It all depends, again, on the project. If you need such a few assets of low to medium complexity, the project may take just a few hours. In case you need a complexe scene with a realistic aspect, it will take a few days or even weeks.

Do you offer a receipt at the end of the project?

Yes! Once the project is finished and all the payment is made, we will offer you a receipt with the details of the project.

what will happen with the final product?

Once you are happy with the final product, we will send you a few images of the final look along with all the main files. The images of the final product will be displayed on the website for publicity purposes only. We will not sell / share / distribute the final product’s main files!

Send us your ideas

Contact us and send your project ideas. You can always make an appointment for a consultation.

Submit a project

Please feel free to contact us in case you have a specific and detailed project in mind. Our team is capable of working based on your plans!

Validation of a project

Feel free to leave us a message with your feedback at the end of the project.

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